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Before I go into the subject matter, I would want you to look at the photo below....

You are seeing a picture of a couple who just fished having sex! But there is a problem between them.

The Woman is sad because she is never satisfied. The man is frustrated because he just can't last long enough in bed to give the woman the optimum sex satisfaction that will make her happy.

This is exactly what happens in the bedrooms of many couples and among lovers today this is seriously causing lots of problems in many homes today…

Every. Single. Night.

If for any reason something like this is happening in your bedroom/home or you would like to prevent it from happening… You are at the right place. that is the reason why I created this report to help men like you better their sex life.

Oh.. I almost forget, My name is Mr John (Aka The Bedroom Doctor). I am a sex Educationist. I Am not a medical doctor even though many take me to be one. May be it's because of the quality service I render to many Nigerian Men about enhancing their sex life.

5 years ago, I got married, and had this problem of premature ejaculation. I was unable to last more than 2 Min in bed let alone going more than one round. I Hardly Get hard erection, Even when I do, it never Last.

I knew very well that something was wrong with me. Why would a young man who just got married be finding it difficult to satisfy a woman?

This became a problem because my wife is flexi kind of woman who enjoys sex a lot. And as a man in the house I had to do anything humanly possible to make her happy Sexually.

I started Looking out for solution to my problem since my home is about to fall apart if I don't find solution. In fact! I Needed the solution URGENTLY...

I might even lose my lovely wife to some guys out there who can satisfy her sexually. I started looking for solution every where! In fact, I Tried everything.

  • I Got into the traditional way of lasting long in bed and bought several concoctions advertised everywhere without a single success.
  • I researched for other  methods which includes the use of pills and whole lots!  (This worked but I got to understand that It does more harm to my health than the good so I decided to quite using the system)

I Was left with no other option Than to keep searching since I wanted to save my home at all cost. This continued Until some time ago when I Come Across something shocking! Something Electrifying.. Something That I Call The Game changer.

This encounter changed My Sex life for Good And I will never for it..

I Encountered A Porn Star who gave me the secret of lasting long in bed, Satisfying Any Woman Sexually, And Making women Happy. From that time till this moment I Can last longer than 40 Min during sex and can go up to 5 rounds If I so wish.

The good News about this secrets is that it is 100% Natural!

So In March 2018…I Began to Teach Other Men Who Care to Listen (like you) :)

How they can take complete control of their male sexuality Naturally…

Be a real man…and satisfy a woman in bed without risking their health and wasting their money on dangerous pills and concoctions.

Get Rid of small penis and Make it Bigger - because you are following my tested method which has worked for hundreds of Men of all races.

I did because I looked around and I saw a lot of frustrated women and men suffering in silence And i decided to do something about it.

I also discovered that everybody was shying away from a subject that is very important in every relationship…every marriage.

During my research, I found out how any man any where can beat premature ejaculation and last longer during sex. 

If you want to permanently eradicate premature ejaculation, You need to learn the techniques from those who have suffered from similar problem.

A clinically Guaranteed method that's been proven to work for nearly ALL men. It's helped men of all ages last 20, 30, or even over 50 Minutes longer, the very first time they used it - and it's only available HERE in this program...

"Here Is The Truth"

The Truth is, if women don't really respect and pay attention to you, if you are so weak in bed, you must look for a way to Stop Premature ejaculation.

Women Hate men that can't satisfy them in bed. They might not tell you but that is the truth.

The No 1 reason why your wife/girlfriend shy away when ever the issue of sex is raised is because you don't satisfy them in bed and they just don't enjoy half baked sex. Believe me, If You Can Last 25-30 Min In Bed, Your Woman will always be yarning to have sex with You..

If Your First sexual experience ended up in quick ejaculation, You woman will always or most times turn you down when raise the issue of sex. You Must find a way to put an end to all these or you might loss your woman in the hand of sex machine like me. lol

In Fact, Studies have shown than if you don't make love to your woman 3-5 in a night, You stand the risk of loosing her. as she might be forced to look for sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

Studies Have Equally Shown that women will always go out in search better sex when their current Sex Partner is not performing well in bed

Women Love Good Sex!

Not just any type of sex, but Good sex – the type that makes them scream your name with pleasure as they get intense orgasms.

If you don't last long, if you can't make your wifey FEEL LIKE SHE'S IN HEAVEN, my brother, your wifey WILL soon cheat on you! And you have to do something Now...

I Mean Today..

If you can’t handle her like a REAL man, even if she was MADLY in love with you, the love will FLY AWAY! Very soon Like Arik Air.

Women don’t care who they Have sex with as LONG as that person can last long in action!


I Am Going to Open Your Eyes to An Amazing Product That I Have Personally Used to Solve The Problem Of 2 Min Manliness That rocked my world in the last 3 to 4 Years.

Only promise me you're not going to pound all the babes in your area once you get access to these GAME CHANGER breakthrough.

The Life Changing Product that will Help You Beat Premature Ejaculation, give you Harder Erection And Last 45 minutes+ in bed ...

"The Utramax Herbal Tab"

The Utramax Herbal Tab is a Specially Formulated herbal Ingredients that is used to Kill Premature Ejaculation, Last Long in bed when having sex, Rock Hard Erection, Boost sperm counts and Fight Infertility...

You will Just Need to Take *1 tab in the Morning and 1 tab At Night* For a complete Cure to PREMATURE EJACULATION So you can Finally Make Your Wife/Girlfriend Scream Your Name during Sex.

The Utramax Herbal tab Kills Premature Ejaculation The Same Way Ota Pia pia kills Mosquito and makes sure it never returns.

It's 100% Effective, *NAFDAC - A7-2359L Approved* Without any side Effects 

Hear What Our Happy Customers Are Saying...

How to Order

The Price For The Utramax Herbal Tab is ₦18,500, How Ever, If You Order For it Before the count Down Hits Zero, You will Get Yours For Just  ₦16,000.

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